Head Hunting

As headhunter’s, our role is to find only the right candidates, selecting the ‘best’ applicant for your organization.

Headhunting is a recruitment technique used for focusing on senior level talent.

Our headhunting services help clients identify and engage outstanding talent, well established in their careers and normally not active in looking for new opportunities.

Also called the Direct Approach method, headhunting starts by identifying talent at a company, job role or department level and profiling them (normally in competing companies that companies deem are strong places for potential hires).

Like Executive Search that is also used for difficult searches, and senior level roles, headhunting requires an even more narrow and specialized search strategy. Headhunting is most effective when there are only a few candidates in a market with the acquired experience to perform a task.

When a company hires Cadre to take upon a headhunting assignment we operate on a retained basis because of the amount of research involved, with a majority of fees being paid upon successful fulfillment of assignment and the candidate having been offered and accepted into the mandate.

In developed markets headhunting is the method most senior search firms are tasked with, especially in markets such as Austria where there is a scarcity of qualified applicants..

Cadre will recommend the most appropriate recruitment method for clients when engaging into discussions when a mandate brief is clarified. We will recommend a variety of different recruitment strategies to ensure a wide canvassing of potential candidates are sourced and your business needs are met.

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